Q: What is a wet rate? 
A: Wet rate means that the diesel for the rental period is included in the daily rental cost.

Q: What is a dry rate? 
A: A dry rate means that the diesel for the rental period is to be supplied by the client, at their cost. A dry rate is cheaper than a wet rate, but only available for 10 days or longer rentals.

Q: What does site establishment mean? 
A:  Site establishment is the cost of getting the TLB to and from the site. The fee billed is area related, based on the distance of the site from our yard.

Q: How much is the hourly rate?
A: We bill a daily rate only, however, should we have equipment free we are able to provide a half day rate on Fridays, for a half day of work.

Q: Does the TLB come with an operator?
A: Gero does not rent out equipment without properly trained and skilled TLB operators.

Q: Why does a bucket size matter?
The rear bucket of the TLB is for digging. Certain trenches and foundations require a narrower trench, and the TLB must have the smaller bucket fitted PRIOR to dispatch to the site.

Q: How deep can the TLB dig? 
A: It can dig to approximately 3m down, however, this depth depends on the stability of the surrounding ground, as well as accessibility of the machine to the dig site.

Q: How far can a machine trench in one day?
Speed of digging depends on the density of the ground as well as the amount of rocks therein.

Q: How do I rent a TLB?
A:  Firstly we quote for the rental, and once we receive all completed documents we bill for payment. Proof of payment secures a booking.

Q: How competent are the operators? 
All of our operators have many years of experience and are very adept at operating the TLB. They are competent in all aspects of working with clients and are able to advise on all jobs to be undertaken.
Our operators are all health and safety certified, have annual medical testing and reside on our premises during the week to ensure punctuality.

Q: What if the TLB breaks down?
 Should there be a mechanical issue at the site, we send out one of our qualified TLB mechanics to attend to the issue as soon as we are notified thereof. Downtime can be worked in or issued as a credit to the client.

Q: What does inclement weather entail? 
A: Inclement weather means that when the machine is at a site and the weather is too bad for the machine to work, the time that the machine stands idle is billed at half the rate. Should a TLB stand for the entire day, only half a day will be billed.

Q: Can we hire a machine over a weekend?
A:  Weekends can be arranged, provided we have notice of at least 3 days to ensure that an operator is available. Saturday and Sunday rates are slightly higher to cover the operator weekend overtime.

Q: What if I paid for more days than I need? 
A: Should the duration of the TLB Rental be shorter than the days billed, and sufficient notice period of 24hours is given, an immediate refund, on return of the machine to the yard, will be facilitated. Alternatively, a credit can be issued for future rentals.